Twitch details plans to branch out event presence globally

Live streaming platform Twitch is continuing to expand its presence with each passing day. In recent weeks, Twitch has sought to branch out to countries beyond the United States. Most recently, it offered a Japanese-language stream for the 2015 Evolution Championship Series tournament to great success, drawing in over 1.4 million views. Now Twitch is announcing plans for further international expansion, just days ahead of its planned coverage for Gamescom 2015.

Twitch has announced plans to open up shop at three more worldwide gaming conventions: Tokyo Game Show in Japan in mid-September, Electronic Game Show in Mexico in early October, and PAX Australia to close out that same October month. Twitch is pledging the same level of presence at these events as they've offered for E3 and PAX Prime, offering a platform for publishers and developers to show off upcoming games and new announcements. The Tokyo Game Show plans, in particular, come in the wake of Twitch's expansion into Eastern regions, adding infrastructure to Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea.

The international initiative comes a week after Twitch unveiled its Broadcaster Language Mode, which allows Twitch channels to enable chat for select languages.

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