Severed delayed for 'a few additional months'

Shacknews first had the chance to try out DrinkBox Studios' upcoming slasher, Severed, during December's PlayStation Experience event. Those that have followed the game's development may have noticed that the Guacamelee creators are on the verge of missing their targeted spring/summer window and, in fact, there has been no word on Severed's progress over the past six months. Today, the studio has offered an update, noting that the game is indeed being delayed.

"Severed is a really different game from anything we’ve made before and we want to take a few additional months for playtesting and tuning so that we can make it the best game it can be," reads a DrinkBox statement sent to Shacknews. The statement also jokes that the developers are aiming to add "more memes and dumb jokes." Jokes aside, Shacknews would certainly be disappointed by any lack of poultry presence. In the meantime, DrinkBox has uploaded some new screenshots.

DrinkBox has not issued a new release window, but with months of testing lined up, it will most likely slice into 2016. Severed is coming exclusively to PlayStation Vita.

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