Persona 4: Dancing All Night shakes its groove thing in September

The Investigation Team of Persona 4 is ready to strap on its dancing shoes, as its upcoming musical romp now has a release date. Publisher Atlus is ready to release Persona 4: Dancing All Night on September 29.

The story for Dancing All Night will follow Persona 4's Rise and the Persona Investigation Team's latest case that takes them to the heart of the mysterious Midnight Stage. Many of the familiar Persona 4 faces will be present, along with some new characters. In this case, the newest character to debut is Rise's protege, Kanami Mashita, leader of the Kanamin Kitchen. Also, it wouldn't be a Persona 4 game without Teddie, so watch the amorous bear get down on the dance floor with his own moves. Both videos are available to view below.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night is a PlayStation Vita-exclusive, though it's one that can also be enjoyed on PlayStation TV. For more, check out our hands-on from EVO 2015.

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