Battle Fantasia -Revised Edition- heats up on PC next week

Arc System Works has been recognized for bringing out some of the best anime fighting games, like the Guilty Gear and BlazBlue series. Now the publisher is looking to get a little more niche by releasing a more niche fighter. Battle Fantasia is a name that some fighting game aficionados will recognize and they'll be happy to hear that it's getting an upgrade called Battle Fantasia -Revised Edition- on PC next week.

Battle Fantasia is a 2D fighter that sets itself apart from its peers with its fantasy RPG theme. This comes through in both its look and its mechanics, as each hit will include damage counters. It features a parry system called "GACHI" to create an opening for counter-attacks, as well as a "Heat-Up" system to help buff characters for a short period.

Revised Edition will include 12 characters across 24 story scenarios. Online multiplayer will be included with Player and Ranked matches, running on a delay-based netcode. Arc System Works will also be upgrading some of the game's visuals, making it distinctly prettier than the 2007 arcade original.

Battle Fantasia -Revised Edition- hits PC on July 7. For more, check out the trailer below and check out the game's Steam listing.

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