Star Wars Battlefront general manager discusses Walker Assault and Hoth

During E3 2015, Shacknews readers had the opportunity to check out a written account of Star Wars Battlefront's offline Missions mode. While Show Important's Joe Tirado and myself were busy fighting off Stormtroopers across the deserts of Tatooine, our own John Gaudiosi was out talking to one of the key developers from DICE about what else the game will entail.

To start, DICE general manager Patrick Bach discussed Battlefront's Walker Assault mode.

"In this particular game mode, we throw everything at [players]," Bach told Shacknews. "You can fly an X-Wing, you can fly a TIE Fighter, you can control an AT-AT, and of course, you can control an AT-ST, as well... and the full infantry experience with all the weapons and gear you can ever imagine."

Bach goes on to describe the creation of the Hoth level itself, discussing DICE's excursion to the actual film location and measuring the data within those areas. He also talks about gathering data from the Lucas archives to help ensure that blaster and lightsaber usage feels accurate in relation to holding the actual props.

For more, including Bach's thoughts on finding the balance between infantry and vehicle play, check out the full interview below.

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