Watch the full 23-minute Battleborn demo from E3 2015

It may look similar to certain previous efforts, but Battleborn from 2K Games and Gearbox Software definitely has a different slant to it than their other FPS games. Both Steve Watts and myself had the opportunity to take a lengthy look at this latest effort, checking out the mixture of MOBA elements into a team-based FPS adventure. Now 2K is releasing the full E3 2015 demo in its entirety.

The introduction will serve to explain Battleborn's premise, namely that Solus, the last star in the universe, is in danger of being extinguished by evil forces. It will also explain the roles of each of the game's classes, as well as the game's five-player co-op Story Mode and the new Helix System that will allow users to fully level up over the course of a single session.

The video is a full 23 minutes, so grab a snack and give the whole thing a look below. Battleborn is set to release this winter on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

On top of that, those looking to go hands-on with Battleborn themselves will have an opportunity during July's San Diego Comic Con. Those in the Southern California area will be able to run through a special laser tag obstacle course over at Petco Park, while getting an opportunity to go hands-on with Battleborn. The event is fully open to the public and will be held away from the Convention Center, so attendance will be free of charge.

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