Hollowpoint gets its first story trailer

Paradox has remained largely quiet on details for the upcoming four-player co-op shooter Hollowpoint. Originally revealed at Gamescom last year, the only details were that it would be put together by Crackdown 2 developer Ruffian Games. Now, just ahead of E3 2015, Paradox has released the game's first story trailer.

The trailer identifies just what a Hollowpoint is. It's mainly a mercenary for the mega corporations, meant to be an expendable form of military. Early in the 21st century, standard military were discarded when robotic AI came along, leaving their obscenely rich former employers to simply grab their popcorn and watch everyone else kill themselves in the 2033 world war. In 2049, the planet was crushed by one of the biggest storms in history, leaving only the corportations standing. Because even the all-powerful need entertainment in the form of war, the mega corps put out contracts to be picked up by mercs known as Hollowpoints.

To get through Hollowpoint, players must raise Hollowpoint squads, developing each soldier's abilities while picking up fresh weapons and gear. All stages will be procedurally-generated, so an optimized Hollowpoint soldier is generally recommended.

For more on Hollowpoint, visit the Paradox Interactive website and check out the trailer below. Hollowpoint is coming soon to PC and PlayStation 4.

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