Hyrule Warriors heading to Nintendo 3DS with Wii U compatibility

It appears one of Nintendo’s big reveals for E3 2015 has just been uncovered as Hyrule Warriors is heading to the Nintendo 3DS.

The leak comes by way of a Japanese trailer for the game that was uploaded onto Koei Tecmo’s official YouTube account. The translated title of the trailer says “Announced at E3!”, leading us to believe the video was uploaded, but was not set to go live once Nintendo made its official announcement on the game.

According to the trailer, it appears Tetra and the King of Hyrule will join the non-stop action that is Hyrule Warriors. The 3DS version of Hyrule Warriors will be compatible with the Wii U version, and based on the final image in the trailer, we assume both Tetra and the King of Hyrule will be transferrable for those who own both versions.

Hyrule Warriors released back in September 2014 and has received additional pieces of downloadable content that adds Epona, Human Midna, Tingle, Young Link, and Majora’s Mask content. The experimental title must have sold well for Nintendo to justify bringing it to the Nintendo 3DS, although we wonder just how expansive the battlefields will be as well as how massive battles will be, especially since it appears it will be available for the 3DS family of systems and not be a New 3DS exclusive. Having it as a New 3DS exclusive game means we can be sure the game will have much more detail since the system has improved internal specs.

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