LEGO Marvel's Avengers gets first trailer and release date delay

The LEGO line of games keeps right on rolling. With LEGO Jurassic World set to release this Friday, that means it's time to move right along to the next game, which will also be based on a movie franchise. Warner Brothers and TT Games have released the newest trailer for LEGO Marvel's Avengers, revealing some big-time movie scenes and also a delay.

As the trailer indicates, this game will follow the plot of the major motion picture from 2012, showing off a number of that movie's most iconic scenes. It shows the Avengers assembling, taking out the Chitauri, and Hulk bashing the massive alien thing with his bare fists... and taking a selfie, because it is a LEGO game, after all. The end of the trailer also reveals Ultron, hinting at the Age of Ultron content that's also set to be covered.

While the initial January announcement pointed to a fall release, this trailer notes a winter release, so those looking to assemble their bricks will have to wait a few more months.

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