Play on the Grid: Homefront

The Nvidia Grid PC game streaming service now includes Homefront in its ever growing library of quality games. Homefront is the last game developed by Kaos Studios, which closed down in 2011. Its story takes place in a dark future, where a global energy crisis and subsequent economic collapse enables North Korea to become a superpower. South Korea is the first to fall to North Korea's rising power. Soon, half of Asia, including Japan, fall under Korean occupation before the empire sets its sights on the United States. It starts with a EMP weapon, which destroys America's electronic infrastructure and sends its army into disarray. Then comes the full blown invasion of Hawaii and major West Coast cities. The year is now 2027, and the Greater Korean Republic occupies most states west of the irradiated Mississippi.

You take the role of Robert Jacobs, a former US Marine Corps helicopter pilot, who ends up joining the American resistance movement based in Colorado. Here, the Korean occupation is working to extract the last of the oil and natural gas reserves from the land's shale. American citizens are treated as slave labor and are kept in internment camps and dissidents are shot, which only amount to the start of the wartime atrocities depicted in the plot.

Although the plot, which imagines the United States as an occupied nation, is bleak, players work to take control back. That means launching guerilla strikes against key targets, stealing weapons and technology, and ultimately mounting a counter-offensive to retake cities like San Francisco.

It's a game that's full of huge explosions and high actions, as players fight to take on an overwhelming threat. Playing game will also prepare you for the sequel, Homefont: The Revolulution, which is expected to release in 2016. All the action can be streamed straight to your Nvidia Shield tablet, portable, or Android TV in glorious high definition graphics. In order to win the fight for freedom, you need the best equipment possible.

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