Marvel Heroes 2015 celebrates 2 years with Doom (Plus, a Shack giveaway)

Gazillion is about to celebrate the two-year anniversary of their free-to-play MMORPG, Marvel Heroes 2015. The studio has started outlining plans for the game's anniversary update, headlined by the mighty monarch of Latveria, Doctor Doom, debuting as the game's 48th playable character.

The anniversary update will include some new features, including whole new gifting options for the glut of items sitting in your inventory, a re-designed Team-Up system dubbed "Team-Up 2.0," and a design review for the ever-loving blue-eyed Thing. Gazillion will reveal more information on these updates with a special anniversary stream, set to take place tomorrow morning at 11AM PT on Twitch. Players will also be able to take all 47 of the game's other characters out for a free spin up to level 10.

As for Doom, what else is there to say about one of Marvel's baddest villains? His dialogue includes gems like "Doom does not fear dinosaurs! He demolishes them!" Check out the video below for more Doom-isms and prepare to meet your Doom in tomorrow's Marvel Heroes 2015 anniversary update.

And because there's so much to love about Doom, Shacknews is giving away five codes for the Fantastic Four nemesis. Reply to this story with your favorite Marvel Heroes 2015 character and we will randomly Shack Message five winners with a free Doctor Doom key. Winners will be drawn by midnight PT tonight.

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