5 of the Best Pixel Art Games for Android

Your pocket sized Android mobile device or tablet has more graphical and computing power than any of the arcade cabinets and console systems from the 1980s. That's doubly true of devices like the Nvidia Shield tablet, portable and Android TV console. Revel in all that extra power as you load up games with a retro pixel art style. But beware: just because a game looks simple, doesn't mean that it is. Revisiting a past era of gaming also means that these games can be tremendously difficult. But an old school challenge is all part of the fun.

Double Dragon Trilogy

There's no better way to go retro than with an actual retro game. One of the most iconic brawlers from the 80s is back, complete with two-player cooperative multiplayer and gamepad support. The Double Dragon Trilogy brings together Double Dragon, Double Dragon 2: The Revenge, Double Dragon 3: Rosetta Stone into one action-packed compilation. The games feature two brothers, both martial arts experts, as they take to the streets to battle the Black Shadow Gang, who have kidnapped Marian. Punch, kick, and head-butt your way to the top of the gang, or use some of the varied weapons against the bad guys. This is classic arcade gaming at its finest.

Hotline Miami

Challenge, bloodshed, and insanity away in Hotline Miami. This action puzzler, set in 1989 Miami, puts you in the role of a crazed vigilante who follows the orders of a mysterious voice on the answering machine. He then takes up arms and wages a war against the criminal underworld. Arm up and dive into seemingly impossible situations. Avoid getting shot and expertly choreograph your carnage. Indulge in brutally unforgiving challenges while quenching your thirst for blood in this completely surreal game.

Fist Puncher

The villainous Milkman is holding the entire city of San Cruces hostage, and the Fist Puncher team is the only ones that can stop him and his criminal organization. Take the roles of unique characters like Dr. Karate, the neurosurgeon with a black belt, and take to the streets to rid it of crime. There are 19 different characters to choose from, along with a multitude of perks and attributes that unlock new powers and hone their skills. Pound their faces into the ground, or throw dogs, cats, cars and cows - anything you can pick up - to flatten the crime rate.

Always Sometimes Monsters

Despite the cute pixel-art graphics, Always Sometimes Monsters is a moody, unforgiving, adventure. In it, you enter the lowest point of your life. You're broke, homeless, and the love of your life is preparing to marry someone else. But this is your chance to pick yourself back up, redeem yourself, and win back your love. The choices on how to do that are up to you, but be careful, because all choices have consequences. Select from characters with different genders, races, and sexual preferences. Then set forth into the open world, using your ethical and moral compass as a guide. The game adjusts according to the decisions you make, and your choices will open paths while closing others.


Sharpen your reflexes and head back to the 80s with R-Type, a classic arcade shooter. Fly through 8 challenging levels with three different control options and two difficulty settings. Upgrade your ship with new weapons, power-ups, and attachments. You'll need all the firepower you can get to blast through the challenging levels and to defeat the 8 epic bosses at the end of each one. The action is fast frantic, and extremely challenging.

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