Play on the Grid: FEAR 3

Enjoy some dysfunctional family values with FEAR 3, now available on the Nvidia Grid game streaming service. You play as a pair of supernatural siblings who, on a normal day, hate and want to kill each other. In fact, one already killed the other in a previous game. But, in the interest of a common goal, the two decide to work together.

Players choose between playing as a character known only as Point Man, a genetically engineered soldier with ability to slow down time so that he can shoot enemies with expert precision. Traveling alongside him is his cannibalistic brother, Paxton Fettel, who is now an apparition with powerful psychic abilities, including the power to possess enemies. You'll need both their skills to confront an army of deadly soldiers to reach the mother Alma, who is also an immensely powerful and destructive entity.

As the third installment of the famed FEAR horror game series, the game specializes in close quarters combat against a variety of enemies ranging from heavily armed soldiers to vengeful spirits. Players will have access to an array of weaponry to deal with the threats, which include shotguns to mech suits. However, despite the brothers' general disdain for each other, they have to work together in order to progress. Point Man uses his hyper reflexes to kill as many soldiers as possible while Fettel can pass through walls and unleash his psychic abilities on unsuspecting foes. Additionally, Fettel can summon a telekinetic shield to temporarily protect his brother from harm.

Players are required to play as the Point Man at first, but completing a section unlocks the ability to replay the level from Fettel's ghostly point of view. The character you favor most to finish the game determines the story's ending.

FEAR 3 can be streamed straight to your Nvidia Shield tablet, portable or console and supports 1080p resolution. So you can see all the horrific visions, gore, and guts in vivid detail. Whether you enjoy jumping into action with guns blazing or ripping people apart as a cannibalistic specter, FEAR 3 has the gameplay to please.

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