Top 5 Fantastically Weird Android Games

Why go with an ordinary Android game, when you can spend all your free time playing extraordinary ones? Here are five of some of the weirdest games on the Android market right now, and they all get a little stranger when played on Nvidia Shield devices.

Fist Puncher

Return to the era of classic arcade brawler games with Fist Puncher, the 8-bit fighting game with a 70s action twist. The mysterious Milkman has the entire city of San Cruces firmly in his grip, and only the Fist Puncher team can clean up the crime ridden streets. There are 19 playable characters, including Dr. Karate (the legendary black belt neurosurgeon), Steroid Jackson, and the Beekeeper. Together, they hit the streets and throw cars, cows, street musicians and whatever else they can get their hands on in the name of Justice.

Robot Unicorn Attack 1&2

You can never get enough robotic unicorn action, so why not give in. Prance with a beautiful and deadly metallic unicorn and live the dream of running free and destroying big shiny stars with explosive force. The sequel introduces to robotic unicorn factions: One of Rainbows and Harmony and the other of Ice and Wonder. Customize and upgrade your unicorn, journey across cosmic worlds, and blow up some stars.

Cartoon Wars 1&2

Defend your cartoon kingdom with the most sophisticated stick figure soldiers and 2D creatures available. These free-to-play castle defense games lets you customize your foot soldiers, upgrade your castle, and cut loose with heavy weapons. With a mix of action and strategy, you can spend hours watching powerful cartoons fight it out.

Hopeless: The Dark Cave

As the world's most adorable horror game, Hopeless: The Dark Cave challenges you to protect a group of well-armed blobs that bear a striking resemblance to Twinkies. These blobs might be packing heat, but that doesn't give them courage. Creatures approach from the dark, ready to snatch up these tasty treats. Use the blobs to blow the monsters away, but be careful not to shoot your friends. You'll need fast reflexes for this one.

Gunslugs 2

The world is under attack by... everything. The Black Duck Army wants nothing less than galactic domination, and they're using tanks, rockets, aliens, spiders and other weird and dastardly devices to attain their goals. But the Gunslugs are there to put a stop to those plans. Shoot your way across seven worlds, with 8 randomly generated levels each, then take on giant bosses. Saving the world isn't easy, but we're sure you can muster the skill and firepower to do it.

Tofu Hunter

Attention vegans: Tofu has a cute, delicious, face. Now it's up to you to shoot them. Kill the delicious blocks efficiently, upgrade your weaponry, and wipe out entire herds of soy creatures as quickly as you can. Then make peace with the fact that tofu is murder, and you've been chewing on faces all along. These adorable, unassuming and meat-free animals will never see it coming.

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