Play on the Grid: La-Mulana

If you like action games with a certain Indiana Jones flair, and a fair degree of maddening weirdness, then check out La-Mulana. Self described as an “Archaeological Ruin Exploration Action Game,” this action platformer challenges players to run, jump, climb and whip through a maze of ancient ruins in search of the "Secret Treasure of Life."

But be careful, because La-Mulana is filled with puzzles, trap, and secret passages to uncover. It's funny that the treasure of life is hidden in a place that's meant to kill anyone that steps in, usually in some gloriously horrible way. Designed as an homage to classic platforming games, La-Mulana features retrgo 16-bit graphics. But don't be fooled by its cartoon graphics. This game is incredibly challenging and it is certain to put your skills and reflexes to the test.

Let's not understate the matter. La-Mulana is extremely difficult, with tough puzzles and brutal, unforgiving bosses. Some of the bosses can't be defeated unless you first find a special item. You'll probably also want to invest in a cork board to hold all the detailed notes you're going to have to take, showing the location of each glyph and dead skeleton conversation. It's only by analyzing the clues that you can find your way to you goal. Levels are designed to look similar to each other, so it's easy to become lost and disoriented while searching for better gear. Those don't even address some of the weirder aspects of the game, like carrying around a computer that can only run one program at a time. So, you'll have to figure out how to manage what's important to you. Do you want the computer to decrypt a glyph, or do you want it to run an app that will offer you extra protection?

To make any sort of progress in La-Mulana, you'll need great control and response from the game. That's why the Nvidia Grid is the ideal service to stream the La-Mulana to your Nvidia Shield tablet, console or portable device. This adventure isn't meant for everyone, but if you have the skill and perseverance, La-Mulana could be the great challenge you've been looking for. Or, it might just cause you to throw your controller out the window in frustration. Find out what category you fall into.

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