5 Android Games You'll Love Wasting Time With

Some people say that video games are just a waste of time. It's ok to agree, because that's totally a good thing. Here are 5 games that are bound to consume all your free time.

Goat Simulator

You have to love a game that openly describes itself as a stupid waste of time. Put simply, Goat Simulator lets you take control of a goat, and you use it to cause as much damage as you can. Run the goat into people and objects. Cause traffic accidents. Or launch the goat in a random direction and see if something happens. It's not to not have to think too hard about a game. If you want to spice things up with a little undead action, a zombie version is available too.

Crossy Road

Available for free, Crossy Road follows-up on the age old joke, "Why did the chicken cross the road?" As it turns out, it's not really a matter of why, but rather how. While we're at it, how did all these other creatures manage to make the trip? Featuring gameplay inspired by the classic game Frogger, players use different character that range from a robot to a unicorn to make their way across roads and rivers, all while trying to stay one step ahead of cars and objects that threaten to crash into you. With challenging gameplay, you'll hardly notice the hours you'll waste trying to get to the other side.

Does Not Commute

All drivers suffer road rage from time to time, but nothing quite like this. A quiet commute in a small town during 1970s descends into chaos as more cars enter the roadway. It's your job to steer each vehicle to its destination, but soon you'll become your own worst enemy. The clock rewinds, giving you a new vehicle and destination, and you have to find a way to dodge all the vehicles you put on the road before to get there. It's on ongoing puzzle that becomes progressively worse the longer you play, which is exactly why it'll consume all your time.

Turbo Dismount

Take command of Mr. Dismount, the lovable crash test dummy that's ready to get to work. Simulate a multitude of crashes into various objects and take pride in the devastation. With realistic physics, multiple vehicles, and a slo-mo replay system, you can spend your time formulating the crash to end all crashes.

Zen Pinball

One of the arcade gaming's greatest pastimes is available on Android. Zen Pinball uses amazing physics to simulate realistic ball movements. Furthermore, there are a huge variety of pinball tables available for purchase, based on big franchises like Marvel Comics and Star Wars. The higher your score, the more intense the game gets, with fantastic tables that pull off the impossible, like turning upside down, or calling in characters to fight with each other. This is pinball at a whole new level.

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