Play it On the Grid: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

While the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron is making a huge hit in theaters, fans are eager to get deeper into the Marvel universe. Well, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is up to that task, and its superpower is its signature LEGO charm. In it, players have a chance to take control of Avengers characters like Iron Man and Hulk alongside many others including Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four. Together, they come together to stop Loki and other Marvel villains from constructing a super-weapon that could destroy the world.

LEGO and Marvel make for the perfect marriage here, because this is a game the whole family can enjoy. The game combines the action of super hero characters with the humor LEGO games are known for. Players run around, fight villains using a various powers, and collect Cosmic Bricks to build handy gadgets and structures. Furthermore, it's a blast to dash across a LEGO Manhattan, visiting iconic locations from the Marvel universe like Stark Tower, the X-Mansion, and a Hydra base, along the way.

Perhaps the game's best feature is its support for two-player multiplayer. Just sync up two Nvidia Shield controllers to your Shield tablet, Android TV console, or portable and two heroes can team up. All shield devices can be hooked up to televisions using HDMI cables, so you won't have to crowd around a small screen.

Load up LEGO Marvel Super Heroes from the Nvidia Grid, team up with a friend, and you'll be able to blast, smash, and slice your way through a vibrant world that's fun for practically all ages.