Black Mesa re-imagines Half-Life with Valve's Source today

Crowbar Collective have released a re-envisioned version of Valve Software’s Half-Life today on Steam Early Access called Black Mesa.

Black Mesa is a re-imagining of Half-Life created using Valve’s Source engine and features over 10 hours of single-player gameplay that only leads up to the Lambda Core chapter, new choreographed scenes and new voice acting. There’s also deathmatch and team deathmatch with six multiplayer maps from Half-Life recreated using the Source engine, all of which run on its own dedicated servers.

Black Mesa was released on Steam Early Access due to the project’s scope and scale. Crowbar Collective originally released what they had back in 2012 and were fueled by fan reaction to continue their work and wanted to continue receiving feedback from the community to participate in the final phase of development. The team also didn’t have the resources to create Xen as they would have liked, so they have the first ~85% of the campaign completed. The remaining 15% will not only be recreated, but will be improved by the team’s standards.

Black Mesa is available for $19.99 during its Steam Early Access phase.

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