Mortal Kombat X charging for easy fatality DLC packs

Mortal Kombat X is now available for sale, although its launch has been met with controversy outside of its gorish fatalities and X-Ray moves. The new controversy is over PlayStation Store listings for “Easy Fatalities” packs, which charges players real-world money for tokens that can be used to perform a fatality with just two button presses.

A total of two easy fatality packs are currently available on the PlayStation Network. One pack offers five Easy Fatality tokens for $0.99, while the other includes 30 tokens for $4.99. These packs also show up on the Xbox Store, although these packs are currently not shown on Steam.

Mortal Kombat X allows players to earn tokens in the game itself for free, so these listings shouldn’t raise as much of an issue as Evolve’s launch that included over $130 worth of downloadable content that wasn’t covered by its season pass. During our time reviewing MKX, we earned a handful of tokens that we could have used at any time we wanted to perform a fatality with as little effort as possible.

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