H1Z1 sells 1M copies while releasing regular updates

Daybreak Game Company, formerly Sony Online Entertainment, has announced its first foray into the survival game space, H1Z1, has sold one million copies on Steam since its launch.

The announcement comes from DGC’s president, John Smedley, who revealed the game’s sales on his official Twitter account.

Considering H1Z1 is still in its early access alpha, this is a pretty substantial milestone for the game. Thankfully, DGC has regularly been tweaking and updating H1Z1 since its January launch. Just last month the company wiped servers in order to roll out some big changes, such as only allowing one character to be available per server. Since then, they’ve made even more regular updates, the last one taking place just this week that changed the rewards to its Battle Royale.

H1Z1 is currently available of PC, although a PlayStation 4 version of the game is expected to release once the PC version is officially launched.

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