Darkest Dungeon is being sold illegally on Windows Store [Update: Not anymore]

[Update: Microsoft has pulled the illegal version of Darkest Dungeon from the Windows Store. Here is what the company had to say via a spokesperson:

"We are aware of recent claims of "scam" or unauthorized versions of certain games being sold in the Windows Store. We take claims of intellectual property infringement seriously and review them in accordance with our standard procedures. We also continue to review the content of our Store periodically as described in our recent blog post, as we work to deliver a great customer experience and provide fair and transparent developer policies and enforcement."]

Darkest Dungeon is currently available on Steam for $19.99, which is why its Windows Store version that’s being sold for just $3.99 seems a tad off. Today, Red Hook Studios co-president Tyler Sigman has confirmed the Windows Store version of the game is an illegal copy.

The low price tag wasn’t the only red flag that should have been raised for those who were looking to purchase a Windows 8.1 version of the game as it lists Balaji Chowdary as the creator, while we know Red Hook Studios is its true creator. Another red flag is its extremely small 2MB file size.

As of this writing, the Windows Store version of Darkest Dungeon is still available to purchase, although Red Hook Studios is reportedly working with Microsoft to help take the illegal copy of the game.

If you’ve been considering picking up Darkest Dungeon, it’d be best you pay full price for it on Steam. Or, you could just wait for it to go on sale like every other Steam user.

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