Guild Wars 2 further details new Revenant profession

Shacknews spoke to Guild Wars 2 director Colin Johanson days after Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns was first revealed at PAX South. Among the topics discussed was the new Revenant profession and the ways that it would differ from any other class currently in the game. Arenanet is now going into further detail on just what makes the Revenant so unique.

"A revenant can select from a pool of legends — epic characters from the past that you can invoke power from — and slot two different legends at a time," game designer Roy Cronascher explained on the Guild Wars 2 website. "With this constant connection to the Mists, you'll always have one active legend and one inactive legend. The current active legend will determine the skills on the right half of your skill bar. It's similar to weapon swapping, but instead it affects your healing, utility, and elite skills. Not only will the legend you select determine your skills, but you'll have an energy bar tied to your currently invoked legend."

That energy bar will determine how often the Revenant's skills can be used. Energy can be generated over time, with the energy bar coming in at half-full whenever a new legend is invoked. Given that some legend skills have can negative effects, players will have the option to toggle them off at will.

The Revenant can also wield his or her own weapons. The hammer can be used as a ranged weapon, whether hurling it at foes like Thor would throw Mjolnir, creating shockwaves by striking the ground (Coalescence of Ruin), or creating a field of Mists that can block incoming attacks (Field of the Mists). The mace is a melee weapon that can also poison foes with its Manifest Toxin attack. Finally, there's the Axe, which can tear through the very fabric of time and space with its Temporal Rift attack.

This is all scratching the surface and Arenanet would like to offer a more detailed demonstration of the Revenant. The studio will jump on Twitch this Friday at 12PM PST for a full demonstration of the new Guild Wars 2 clas.

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is coming soon to PC and Mac.

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