Payday 2 Overkill Pack boards the 'Hype Train' in March

Overkill Software hasn't let up with its DLC offerings for the acclaimed Payday 2. Between all the heisting and word-of-mouth from all the Payday 2 players out in the world (and among our own Chatty community), it's easy to get swept away by a lot of hype. That's why the upcoming Overkill Pack is allowing players to board the Hype Train.

The Overkill pack will include a minigun, three minigun mods, an RPG, an Escape Van skin, an Overkill Mask, and 10 new achievements. Pre-ordering the Overkill Pack will contribute three gallons of "Hype Fuel" to help power the Hype Train. Where is the Hype Train going? Towards stretch goals that will be handed out between March 13 and March 21. These goals include new enemy types, mod packs, heists, and even giveaway fodder that includes 10 players getting flown out to Los Angeles.

For more on the Overkill Pack and the Hype Train festivities, visit the event website and check out the video below. The Overkill Pack is set to release on March 12.

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