Dragon Ball XenoVerse: Interviewing the producer and the man behind Vegeta

The next gaming installment of the popular Dragon Ball series is set to arrive soon. Given the anime source material's big following, Shacknews took some time to check out the latest game and check on its progress.

Shacknews recently spoke to localization producer Brandon Williams to discuss some of the game's new mechanics, online multiplayer, customization, and co-op play. As with previous installments, XenoVerese will focus on 3D combat that will utilize many of the outlandish Dragon Ball moves from the anime.

The full cast of the English version of Dragon Ball Z will also return to voice the characters. With that in mind, Greg caught up to Vegeta voice actor Chris Sabat to discuss the voice acting craft and how to prepare for different voice roles. For a look into the voice acting process, check out the full interview below.

As a special bonus, Vegeta has offered a special greeting to our Shacknews readers.

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