Assassin's Creed Unity: Dead Kings DLC - Memory 5: Under Lock and Key

Memory 5: Under Lock and Key

The first objective of this memory is simple, Investigate the Market. Head over to the area marked on your map and pop your Eagle Vision to locate your target.

Now it’s time to do a little old-fashioned detective work and tail Napoleon’s lieutenant. Personally, I’m a fan of running along the rooftops of Paris, but if you’re more into roaming the streets then feel free, however, you will find yourself passing through quite a few Restricted Zones that will make running along the road a bit of a tricky move. Either way follow your target until they stop and you’re tasked with sneaking into the house.

It’s pretty simple. Just drop down and swing into the open second story window. Then use your Eagle Vision to keep a close eye on your target and listen in on his conversation. Like I said, good old fashioned detective work.

Upon the conversation’s end you’ll need to chase the soldier. Simply head back out the window you entered through and run through the streets after him. Once you catch him you’ll need to engage in a short battle until you reach the allotted damage marker, at which point he’ll begin to spill like a tipped over barrel of oil.

Once you’ve gotten all you can from the soldier Arno will set him free, and you’ll need to make your way to a new marker on your screen. This time you’ll be infiltrating a Raider hideout, so make sure to stop and get ammo if you need any. Once you’re sure you’re ready to go simply head to the marker and into the Restricted Zone around it. Follow the stairs marked on your map to infiltrate the tunnels and move inside. There are a lot of raiders in this part of the mission, so make sure to take out any leaders you come across. Continuing following the marker and tunnels until you reach a bridge with a single guard.

Now it’s time for the real sneaking. Your task? Sneak to Napoleon’s chest, and it isn’t going to be easy at all. In order to reach your objective you’re going to need to take out a lot of raiders in your way, starting with the leaders. I also highly suggest taking as stealthy as you can, so as to reduce the amount of combat you get into. Either way, make your way towards your objective and pass through a gate to Napoleon’s chest to trigger a cutscene and complete the objective. Once the cutscene ends it’s time to escape the area to finish up this memory and move on to the final part of the dlc.