Assassin's Creed Unity: Dead Kings DLC - Memory 4: Raising the Dead

Memory 4: Raising the Dead

Before you can play Memory 4 of the Dead Kings DLC you’ll need to find two relics for Leon. If you haven’t found those relics yet you can follow our simple guide here.

Now that the riddles are out of the way it’s time to move on to the bread and butter once more. Your first task this memory is to investigate the crypt, which you’ll need to reach by once more infiltrating the Basilia (this time with less guards), and climbing down the ladder in the back to reach the catacombs. Once you’re inside things get a little trickier.

The biggest thing to remember about the enemies in this part of the game is that they are dangerous in large groups. This means you’ll want to take out the enemies with stars over their heads first, since they are the leaders, which will then cause the others to flee.

After making your way through the tunnels you’ll come to a room with several enemies, and a Raider Leader standing before you in the doorway. Simply sneak up behind him and take him out with your Hidden Blade to move on, or if you prefer you can hit him with a Berserk Blade and wait for the others to attack him. Either way, after taking him out you’ll be free to pass, simply head forwards to the marker to spark a cutscene.

Now it’s time to do some more sneaking. Aside from the usual objectives you’ve also got a side objective to not get into conflict, which can be achieved by being patient and waiting for enemies to walk away. First let’s head right, and make your way towards the hole in the ground that leads to the first room. I climbed around the room using the wooden beams and handholds on the wall. No matter which way you do, once you reach the room simply drop down into it to get start solving some more puzzles! (Yay)

Once you reach the first room interact with the ghost-like statue off to the side and then head forward and dip your Lantern in the vase to fill it up. Now pull it out so it’s lighting the way and move down the stairs to the brazier in the center. Go ahead and light it using your Lantern. You should also take not of the writing that appears on the wall behind the brazier. This writing is your clue to solving the puzzle. It states…

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

This clue is a reference to a common gesture used to reference the cross. To complete the puzzle you’ll need to swim to the opposite side of the room after lighting the first brazier, make sure to refill your lantern, then light the middle brazier, then the two middle braziers on this side of the room. This will trigger an even upstairs and you’ll now need to sneak into the other room.

Once you reach the second room and interact with the ghost-like statue you’ll need to solve another puzzle. This one, however, is a bit simpler. There are four plates on the ground before you, we’ll number them one through four left to right. In order to solve this puzzle you’ll need to press them in the correct order of three, one, two, and finally four. This will trigger another event upstairs and you’ll be tasked with sneaking into the final room.

This final room is located precariously in the middle of the room, so you’ll need to either take out the Raider leader, or move cautiously to approach it. Once you reach the final room head inside and approach the ghost-like statue a final time.

This puzzle is a bit simpler than the other two and only requires you to align the pillars in the floor with the symbols on their path. Simply interact with the plates before them to move them up until the symbols on the pillar light up. Once all of them have been matched and are lit you’ll need to climb out of the room using the pillars and wooden beams around the room to get out.

Now you need to approach the door that the enemies were trying to unlock and interact with it to locate the appropriate keyhole. Once you've complete this objective the memory will come to an end.