Assassin's Creed Unity: Dead Kings DLC - Sugar's Legacy

Ubisoft decided to make up for the simplicity of the last mission by first requiring players to locate two relics on the list written by Dom Poirier before they can actually move on to Memory 4 of Dead Kings. Fret not though, I’ve got your covered, and I’m going to try to make this as simple as I can. Ready? Let’s go.

First up you’ll be tasked with reading Dom Poirer’s notes in the Basilica. This is the same location we infiltrated in the first mission of the DLC, so chances are you’re probably used to the idea of storming an old church full of royal soldiers, if you aren’t… well you better get onboard quick.

Head out of the orphanage towards the marker on your map. Upon reaching the Basilica you’ll need to simply locate the open window on the front of the building and climb up without any nearby guards noticing you. Once you’re inside head to your left, and immediately take the stairs that lead to the center room. Interact with the notes to achieve your next objective.

First things first, you need to investigate the Tower of the Sword, which just so happens to be right down the stairs opposite of where you entered. Head out the center room and interact with the glowing emblem to open up the next part of this section.

You should now have two glowing waypoints on your screen in the form of exclamation points which have small scrolls to them (These scrolls look eerily like the scroll icons used for the Nostradamus Enigma Riddles). Head to the closest one, which is just up on the roof of the Basilica.

Sugar’s Legacy: III - Diabolus

Now it’s time to solve some riddles, however, unlike the daunting Nostradamus Riddles from the original game release these riddles come with handy objective markers.

Riddle 1:

Guarding, staring, brooding

Horned amongst monsters

On the house of God

Circled by our ring.

 Simply look out towards the front of the Basilica, then turn to the left, pop on your Eagle Vision, and you should see a glowing gargoyle head sticking out of the wall (it’s the second one over). Climb out on it to move forward.

You may notice your next marker has jumped about 250 meters away. Just go ahead and run over there. Let me know when you get back.

Riddle 2:

My obsequious gaze

On the Lord’s outpost

The Stars reflection

At its height, utmost

There yet? Good. Let’s move on then. You’ll probably notice the highlighted green circle on your mini-map. This circle is your best clue to finding the riddle’s solution. Ignore the Restricted Zone close to you, and instead head directly towards the church to your left. Climb up it, and use your Eagle Vision to locate the rectangular relic clue on the front side of the building. Interact with it for the next clue.

Riddle 3:

The lady at the gates

Within reach of her

Inferno awaits

Our bane, the Devil’s number.

The final part of this Relic hunt is actually very close to you. When looking at the last solution simply turn to your left and hop off the building. Immediately turn back to the building, pop your Eagle Vision, and then interact with the glowing relic clue on the door to find the first relic. Now it’s time for the second relic. Head to the last exclamation point/scroll icon on your map.

Sugar’s Legacy: V- Crux

Riddle 1:

I’ve seen more revolutions

Towering over field and Marshes

Than crossed of God,

Inanimate as it breezes.

From the mission starting point head up into the Restricted Zone and into the green circle around the windmill. You’ll find this first solution just on the other side of the windmill. Use your Eagle Vision to locate the glowing cross with the symbol painted on the wall behind it.

Riddle 2:

Reflection of grandeur

Stable when it moves

With a shape so pure

His Son went to slumber.

The next riddle is easier than it sounds. Trust me. Simply head towards the marked green area on your mini-map and then use your Eagle Vision to locate another glowing cross, this one is situated on the edge of a wall. Then hop over and hang down to interact with the solution.

Riddle 3:

Be it Andrew’s

Or the Almighty’s Son,

I’m the one to choose

The shining form of suns.

Head back from the last solution towards the new green circle on your mini-map. Once you reach it head towards the corner of the Restricted Zone, and then turn left, looking along the wall with your Eagle Vision activated to locate the final symbol and dig up the second relic.

With both relics in tow it’s time to head on to Memory 4: Raising the Dead.