Assassin's Creed Unity: Dead Kings DLC - Memory 2: The Book Thief

Memory 2: The Book Thief

The first thing you need to do this mission is cross half the district to your objective, the windmill. Here you’ll need to investigate the area (make sure to grab the synch point at the top of the windmill), until you hear two enemies discussing an “intruder” in the tunnels. Simply head towards the objective marker on your screen, sneaking past the guards in the area, until you reach an iron gate, which you’ll need to interact with to continue.

Now it’s time to get to the nitty gritty of this mission, and explore your true objective to find Leon. Head into the tunnels, taking a right down the stairs from the conveniently placed perch and take down the guard in front of you silently in order to maintain your secondary objective to avoid conflict. If you use your Eagle Vision at this point you’re probably going to stop dead in your tracks. Don’t worry, we’ve got you on this, and we’re sure you’ll fair better than we did in our own playthrough.

First take notice of the path to your right. There are two workers here, which you can easily double stealth kill. Take them out and move down this path to bypass the majority of the workers. Now keep pushing forward until you see a wall near a chest, and climb up it to lead into a tunnel and trigger the next cutscene.

After discovering that Leon is… well a tad shorter than you originally thought, it’s time to save his life, because that’s just the kind of excommunicated Assassin that Arno is. Basically… now is the time for a murder spree, or a stealth spree, if you can manage that. Once the enemies are dead speak to Leon to trigger another wave of enemies. Take them down, then free Leon to trigger the next mission objective, which is to follow your tiny friend.

Continue through the catacombs after Leon, don’t worry you can’t lose him, and enjoy what he has to say. He’s a bit of a sporty young fellow, isn’t he? Keep following until another cutscene is trigger, one that ends with Arno picking up the Guillotine Gun, a strange concoction of mortar rifle and axe which looks like it was taken straight from a Sci-Fi flick. Continue moving to trigger the gun’s tutorials and take out any enemies you come into contact with.

Continue following Leon through the tunnels, you’ll reach a room full of guards at one point, either move through them stealthily, or take them all down. Either way you’ll just want to continue following your on-screen marker.

Upon entering a room with a giant tower-like structure you’ll be tasked with activating two slabs which will open up a gate and allow you to leave the confines of the tunnels. The first slab you’ll need to climb up the carefully placed areas around the outer edge of the area, until you reach the highest point you can. Pull out your lantern and interact with the slab. The second and final slab is located on the floor amidst the rats. It’s a bit tough to see, and even led to us wandering around aimlessly for a bit.

Once the slabs are activated head through the now open iron gate and jump onto the opposite wall of the tower’s inner chamber. Climb up to the top to exit onto the surface and be tasked with once again finding Leon. This time it’s a bit simpler, just run through the city until you reach your objective marker and enjoy the cutscene with little Leon to finish up this memory.