Twitch opens Twitch Music Library and new dedicated Music category for streams

It's been less than six months since Twitch began flagging for copyrighted music. Their efforts have not always been positive and some may even argue that the rollout of this new policy was mishandled. Today, Twitch is looking to do right by their audience by introducing the Twitch Music Library.

The Twitch Music Library contains a full library of free-to-use music that has already been cleared for use in Twitch broadcasts. Twitch has already pulled in several record labels and will look to add to the roster as time goes on. The Twitch copyright sweeps have been programmed to avoid flagging these music tracks, making them free for use for both live and archived broadcasts. The full list of tracks can be found on music.twitch.tv.

Twitch is also kicking off the beta for a new Music category. This will allow musicians to create, perform, and present their original electronic music tracks via Twitch. Twitch will also provide established labels and artists a forum to host radio-style shows and music concerts, such as the one from DJ Steve Aoki in July. Aoki's concert received more than 400,000 views when it was broadcast on Twitch. Other examples include record label Monstercat's 24-hour music channel, which launched last month on Twitch.

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