Assassin's Creed Unity: Dead Kings DLC - Memory 1: Buried Words

Memory 1: Buried Words

Once you regain control from the cutscene it’s time to get the party started and head towards your destination, the Royal Crypt, which just so happens to be heavily guarded and located in the catacombs beneath the Basilica.

Once you approach your destination look out for the Distraction Opportunity icon on your map. Interact with the group of fighters to have them riot and distract the guards while you head to the right side (when facing the front) and start climbing.

Now one of the challenges in this Memory is Don’t get into conflict, which can be a bit challenging when you consider how many guards there are roaming the Basilica. So just try your best to stay out of sight and make your way up the side of the Basilica and onto the arches that look down upon two guards. Wait for the one guard to walk off on his patrol, and then take the second guard down with a Phantom Blade to the head. Once the first guard starts walking back wait until he stops and comments on his comrade’s departure from this life, and then send him into the next life as well.

With these two guards out of play it’s time to make our way to our second “side objective” which is a Distraction Opportunity. Drop down from the arches and face towards the front of the Basilica, where you should see a doorway with at least one standing guard, and a second patrolling guard. You don’t have to kill these guys, but I wasn’t very comfortable leaving them there while I was just a few feet away. Take them out, then look just to the right of the door into the room where you killed them, and you should see another door which leads to the Organ Platform. Head inside and interact with the organ to distract the guards below and open up your route to the catacombs.

With the Distraction Opportunity out of the way head back out under the arches and move towards your objective until you pass through a small doorframe and onto a wire. You should see a hay cart to your right, drop into it, and kill the guard patrolling right here (he may or may not be there for you). With the guard out of the way sneak towards your objective, ignoring or killing the guard in your way, and then drop into the Catacombs’ Entrance to move the mission forward.

Interact with the iron gate, then head into an Investigation Zone, which uses your Eagle Vision to find clues. Ignore the tombs in the first room and beeline for the back room, where you’ll find your objective. Interact with it for a nice cutscene.

Once the cutscene ends it’s time to chase after the militiaman with the lantern. You don’t have to worry about catching him, just chase him through the tunnels until he screams and falls to his death. Now hop down for a cutscene which ends with the Lantern in your possession.

With Lantern in tow it’s time to move on. Fill your Lantern at the nearby jar and then activate it to light up your path. The path is very linear right now so simply follow your objective marker until you reach a locked gate.

Upon reaching the locked gate you’ll need to use your Eagle Vision to learn that there is a secret way to open the door. Fill your Lantern in the nearby jar, then interacting with each brazier to open the door and move on. Continue forward, hopping over the wooden planks until you reach the top and have no way to go but into a dark small room.

It is imperative that you don’t drop down, as you will find yourself submerged in water, and it will ruin your Lantern until you refill it. Instead, get a running jump and hop to the wall opposite of you, then climb up until you reach the surface.

Now you need to make your way to the library at the Abbey. Simply follow your marker until you arrive then sneak your way into the Restricted Area. You’ll want to look for an open window, which upon entering will probably result in chaos. You also have a challenge to achieve 2 Cover Kills in this area, which you can accomplish simply by taking cover and luring enemies to you.

Once you’re inside the Abbey you need to make your way to the bottom level, which is crawling with enemies. Stay along the outer edge, using your Eagle Vision for any markers that will point to your objective. The library is found through one of the side doors which lead into the building from the courtyard. Since it’s hard to pinpoint due to the open world of Assassin’s Creed, the best tip I can give you is to look around for two royal soldiers talking in a side room, and then move inside to find a desk which you’ll need to interact with in order to complete your objective.

Once you’ve looted the desk make for the edge of the area, and escape in order to bring this part of the Dead Kings DLC to an end.