Guild Wars 2 concludes its Living World Season 2 with the 'Point of No Return'

Guild Wars 2 is bringing the second season of its Living World arc to a close. Today, NCSoft and Arenanet launched the season's final episode, titled "Point of No Return." As one might imagine, everything comes to a head, with the Pact Fleet continuing towards a climactic battle with the Elder Dragon Mordremoth's forces.

Before that can happen, the Pact Fleet must first plant the last of the memory seeds, which takes them to a cave surrounded by magic. As they struggle to open the cave's seal, they soon find themselves facing off against Vinewrath, Mordremoth's most fearsome lieutenant.

Additions to the latest Guild Wars 2 update include the items necessary to complete the Carapace and Luminescent armor sets. Players can also expect to see class-based changes and tweaks to PvP and WvW. For more on Point of No Return, check out the trailer below. The full patch notes for the latest Guild Wars 2 update are available here.

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