Kerbal Space Program gets educational with KerbalEdu

Kerbal Space Program has always had educational overtones, given how much goes into creating an effective spacecraft. Today, developer Squad is working with TeacherGaming to release KerbalEdu, a special update that turns KSP into a learning tool for students.

"We always hear about how much our players have learned through playing the game," said producer Miguel Peña via a press release. "While we're proud of inspiring so many players who've learned through KSP, we’ve always been a game first. TeacherGaming takes KSP to the next level and makes the educational aspects as important as the gameplay, if not more so, in the best ways possible. They've modified things to where students can grasp onto some of the game's concepts in an easier, more practical way. Teachers and students are really going to have fun with this."

Tools include a full-blown mission library and editor for teachers to craft lessons plans, force arrows to illustrate what forces act on a spacecraft during flight, a flight recorder to show flight data as a graph, a real-time mathematical function tool, and specific scenarios that teach students about concepts like motion and energy conservation.

A single KerbalEdu license will run for $17, while a pack of 25 to spread across an entire faculty will run for $330. For more information, visit the KerbalEdu home page.

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