Kerbal Space Program is 'Beta Than Ever' today

The expedition into deep space continues with Kerbal Space Program's latest update. Squad has released the latest version 'Beta Than Ever' today as a free update for existing players. The developer is calling this the first official beta release, bringing the space exploration game a step closer to its final release.

The new version of KSP will focus on the Kerbals, offering upgradable skills. Taking Kerbals on missions will increase various stats, such as advanced piloting, science gathering, and spacecraft repairs. Other features include a refined craft editor, new biomes, and new Mk3 SpacePlane parts. Squad is also continuing its outreach to mod creators, fully implementing Brian 'Arsonide' Provan's "Fine Print" mod into the game as a main feature.

For more on the latest KSP update, check out the video below.

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