SimCity 2000: Special Edition free on Origin right now

Maxis didn't exactly please many SimCity fans with its most recent effort, eschewing many of the elements that made the original games such classics. Those looking to check out exactly what those classics look like can currently grab one of them for free, courtesy of EA's Origin service.

SimCity 2000: Special Edition has been listed as the latest game in Origin's 'On the House' program. For those that don't remember this one, SimCity 2000 took the franchise into the 21st century with new building types, new power plant varieties, and multiple cities. It was a beloved entry in the series, one that ranked #58 on our Shacknews Chatty Community's Top 100 PC Games of All-Time.

No timetable has been given for how long this deal will last, but EA notes that the deal can go away at any time. So grab it while you can from Origin.

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