Endless Legend gets free 'Visions of the Unseen' update

The 4X fantasy strategy game, Endless Legend, is getting some new content just prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. The Visions of the Unseen pack will add a chunk of new stuff to the Amplitude title and will do so at no extra charge.

The Visions of the Unseen pack will add the game's 15th minor faction called the Eyeless Ones. This race of aliens blind their children at birth, causing them to enhance their non-visual senses throughout their life span. Other additions include ten new side quests, new Faction-related diplomatic interactions, and a slew of AI improvements. The full list of AI, balance changes, and bug tweaks can be found on the game's Steam page.

Those looking to dive into the previous game in the Endless Space series can also find a new add-on for the original Endless Space called Chronicles of the Lost. This free update will add eight new exploration random events, 24 colonization random events, the ability to mod in-game graphics, and more. The full list of features and bug fixes can be found on that game's Steam page.

The add-ons for both of these games are available now. Both of these 'Endless' games are a part of this weekend's Steam sale. Endless Legend is currently available for #23.44 (33% off), while Endless Space is going for $10.19 (66% off).

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