Star Citizen debuts FPS gameplay at PAX Australia

Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games brought a special treat to PAX Australia this past weekend. The Kickstarter-funded Star Citizen is about to get even more content than its space exploration and dogfighting. The game is about to enter the first-person shooter realm, as well.

A roughly 10-minute demo debuted in front of a captive PAX Australia audience, showing off some of what the FPS scenarios will look like. Co-op teams can be seen docking onto a hostile space station before exiting and exploring its confines. That's followed by a demo of combat in zero-gravity, in which both players and random objects are floating about.

Star Citizen is still quite a long way from releasing, but the FPS portion of the game shows that the game is looking to branch out into several genres and offer something for just about everybody. Check out the FPS gameplay in the video below.

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