Payday 2 ushers in Halloween on October 30

Shacknews briefly rounded up about a dozen or so Halloween events happening this year in games, but it looks like Overkill Software doesn't want to be left out of the holiday fun. The studio announced today that Payday 2 would also be celebrating the October holiday with a special Halloween update set to drop this Thursday called 'The Headless Titandozer from Hell.'

Story details are scant, for the moment, but the backstory appears to involve Payday 2's grizzled group of heisters finding themselves right in the middle of trouble in a safe house near a police cemetery. The safe house is filled with masks of evil, many of which were featured in last year's Halloween event. So players can pick up the Venomorph, Frank, Pumpkin King, and Witch masks for a limited time. The event will run through November 4.

More information is set to be revealed over the next two days, prior to the update's arrival. So be sure to check in with the Payday 2 Halloween event page for more information. Thanks to poster NFXFSX for the tip.

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