PSA: Payday 2 CrimeFest update goes live today

After collecting 1.5 million heisters on their Steam Community Group, Overkill Software got to work on Payday 2's biggest update so far. After 12 days of teases, the CrimeFest update is now ready to go live today.

The new CrimeFest update will feature a full-blown breakout mission, requiring teams to break Hoxton out from his hearing. The update will also include new masks, new perk systems, and a whole new playable character in the form of movie John Wick. Modders are also getting a boost with a new refined method of handling and organizing their Payday 2 mods.

There's still plenty more to come from Payday 2. Indie studio Lion Game Lion, comprised of several Overkill alumni, has officially come board to assist in development duties, meaning more heists are on the horizon.

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