The Evil Within - Chapter 13: Casualties

Chapter 13: Casualties

At the chapter start players will be teamed with Joseph, and it looks like the objective is to check on Kidman’s well-being, who happens to be a few floors below. Before you get too carried away spend some time looting, including collectible Journal of Sebastian Castellanos – September 1, 2012. You can also make a quick trip to see Nurse Tatiana if you want to save your game and perform any upgrades.

Make your way through the rubble and down through a hole in the floor. Once you spot the acid trap, spend a moment disarming it, and then move along the hallway until you trigger the first cut scene.

Tip: this chapter is most easily complete by utilizing the stealth mechanics of the game. Spend some time disarming traps and stealth killing you enemies. The last thing you want to end up doing is running through the hallways tripping over all the bear traps.

With the cut scene complete make our way through hall, disabling any traps, and then stealth kill the enemies just ahead of you. Continue this process to bypass any foes in the area.

After disabling the last acid trap you’ll find a stairwell that drops you in another hallway. Sneak and disable more traps, as well as loot any goodies until you spot The Keeper. Allow him to finish his current work before moving on and dismantling the traps that he’s laid.

Tip: Players will find quite a large amount of Green Gel lying around in this next area. Make sure to duck into side rooms, smash boxes, and grab any loot you can.

With the traps no longer an issue, continue a few feet and duck into the vent on the right. It will lead to another hallway, this time leading Sebastian outside. Make your way around the rubble and down several levels to a silver case that contains some Super Mag ammunition. Once you’ve made your way into another hallway you should have a door to your front, as well as one to your left. The door in front takes you to Nurse Tatiana, and the one on the left continues the story’s progress.

Continue forward, dropping through another hole in the floor and into a hallway. There is a creature at the far end with lights on him, so maintain your distance and kill him from a reasonable range of safety. He has motion sensors on his body and they will explode if you get too close. You’ll also have another one of these creeps sneaking up behind you. Just watch your back.

Jump into another vent and follow it until you emerge in what seems to be the stock room of a kitchen. Gran any loot and then move into the adjacent room which will trigger a cut scene featuring Ruvik, The Keeper, and Joseph. Once it ends you’ll want to watch where you step.

Once the little blades of death start zipping around the room you’ll need to disable any traps in your way and head to the door that Ruvik was previously standing in. There’s another trap here, so do your best to disable it and move into the hallway.

The next room finds you in a meat locker with your favorite crazy… The Keeper. You’re locked in the place for now, so avoid him and hit him with any Freeze Bolts you have to slow him down. The only way out of this place is the same vent that Joseph jumped into previously, so make your way towards it.

It’s all smooth sailing once you leave the meat locker behind. Following the vent will lead to more hallways, which you’ll need to follow until you reach the outside where Sebastian will spot Leslie and Kidman, triggering the final cut scene of this chapter.