The Evil Within - Chapter 11: Reunion

Chapter 11: Reunion

Once the chapter begins head outside and start making your way in the only accessible direction. Pass the merry-go-round and head further down the street to make your way into a hole in the wall next to an open sigh. Rummage through the nearby rooms to find the Magnum.

Continue onwards until you come to an area with a batch of chain link fences and some lurking creatures. You’ll need to make your way to the opposite side of where you entered, encountering a locked door along the way. This will trigger a short cut scene, releasing several more foes and giving you the location of the Old-Fashioned Key. Fight your way to it and then open the door once you have it.

Tip: If you have enough laying around use the Flash Bolt to stun your enemies, then approach and finish them off with a melee kill.

Keep moving forward until you reach the pipe overlooking the water. You’ll see a few dead bodies hanging above, and will need to use those as bait to distract the creature that’s swimming about. Shoot the bodies with your Handgun to knock them down and then jump in the water and swim to safety on the other side.

Assuming you made it to shore safely, continue on until a cut scene slams the door you want to use shut in your face. You’ll now be attacked by several creatures, one of which appears to be Ruvik. You’ll want to make quick use of your Grenades and Explosive Bolts.

Tip: If confronted with several enemies, shooting a Freeze Bolt at their feet and quickly run up and melee them, or shoot them. This will destroy them without any trouble, and even works on the Ruvik look-alike mentioned in the min-boss fight above.

With Ruvik down the door will open and Sebastian can pass through to the next area. Do so, making a short side trip to Nurse Tatiana for a quick save and upgrades to your abilities and weapons. Once you return to the story, keep moving along until you make your way into the next area.

From here the focus of the camera should shift to the construction lift a short distance away. That’s your goal overall, but there are several enemies standing in your way. First off look to your left and kill every last creature in the cage above. Grenades will work on the clusters, but use quick well-placed Magnum headshots to take out the loners. Once they’re all dead head into the cage and climb to the next level.

Continue fighting through the yard until you head up the stairs and reach a hand crank. Turn it, then use the nearby railings for cover from a massive onslaught of foes. Use your Sniper Rifle to take down the machine gun toting creeper and then finish off the rest. With them all dead make your way to the lift and pull the lever.

This ride is a bit terrifying, but there are a few ways to make it easier. For starters, make sure to shoot the explosive barrels on either side of the trolley. Afterwards focus on any uglies who have Molotovs. Make use of your weapon’s different ranges throughout the entire ride.

Once the ride is over make your way into the nearby office building, pushing your way through the rooms and gathering any loot as you go. After emerging onto a set of shipping containers you’ll get a look at Kidman, and will now need to make your way over to save her.

Jump back into the water and make your way to Kidman’s location. You still have the end day’s version of Nessie hanging around, so shoot any hanging bodies to keep it distracted. Once you finally reach her building hit the group of creatures trying to get to her with a Grenade or other explosive. Picking up any stragglers shouldn’t be too hard.

After a short reunion (we see what they did there) Castellanos and Kidman will be attacked, and it is here that players can take a short break and let the AI do a little of the work. Not only is Kidman an outstanding marksman, but she also seems to be able to take these uglies down with one shot. Why waste your ammo? Just sit back and pick up any slack.

Once all the creatures are down make your way along the only available path until you trigger a cut scene. Once it ends move into the warehouse full of mannequins and sneak past the fish-hook creepy roaming around.

After climbing up the ladder that divides the room you’ll come to a door that requires a Factory Keycard, which is found along the same wall as the door it is used to open. It’s actually just over in the opposite corner. Sneak to it, killing any creepies that you come across and grab it before turning the nearby wheel to shut off the gas that’s been filling the warehouse.

From here it’s smooth sailing. Just use the keycard to open the door and pass to an area where Castellanos will spot Joseph. Make you way back to your old pal and trigger the chapter ending cut scene. Okay, we really see what they did there.