The Evil Within - Chapter 10: The Craftsman's Tools

Chapter 10: The Craftsman's Tools

This chapter will begin with Sebastian Castellanos climb down a ladder, and that’s about the only downtime players are going to get for around the next hour or so of gameplay. What follows from here is a mass of mazes, boss fights and continuous heart-wrenching terror that is nothing short of a marathon. It’s going to be tough for us to describe every turn and doorway, so instead we’re just going to focus on giving you the details you need to press forward. Whether this means the location of an item you’re looking for or an enemy you have to kill, we’ll give you the good on what it takes to survive. Because the game has a linear complex you shouldn’t find it too hard to find your way around, so don’t be afraid to scavenge for any extra goodies off the beaten path.

At the bottom of the ladder players will find the Mansion Basement Note. It won’t really help with chapter progression, but it also won’t hurt so you might as well pick it up now.

After grabbing the note and doing some extra looting continue on your way down a ladder and crouch beneath the trip-wire you find. Once you pass through two large double doors and into the dark area the first real challenge of the chapter is upon you.

As long as the lights are out you’re good to go, but as soon as they turn on there will be a giant blade circling the room. If you’re standing when it swings by, you’re going to be a few inches shorter, and a lot less smart. You can move under it, just be sure to crouch. As if the circling death trap wasn’t’ enough, this area is just swarming with uglies.

Make your way to the right side of the room and into an adjacent area. You’ll be safe to walk around here. You’ll know you’re headed the right way when you spot a ladder. Use your Shotgun to take-out any interested creepers and work your way into a back room to find a Battery Pack sitting on the desk. This is your ticket out of the first of many nightmares to come.

Head to the first floor, once again fighting through any side rooms in search of the outlet to place the Battery Pack. After placing it in the correct location you’ll be able to start making your way to the door on the other side of the massive slicer of death. Hop into the middle of the room and crouch, making your way forward until you find a hallway and the doors shut behind you.

Keep moving along until you climb down a ladder, then spend a few minutes looting the nearby rooms as you continue forward. You’ll eventually come to a door with a lever, and pulling it will reveal that you need another Battery Pack.

Head through a nearby door and into what can only be described as a maze mixed with a house of horrors. This room contains traps, enemies, and even a boss (ish) fight that you’ll need to survive. To top all of this off… they’re all coming at you right now.

Tip: You can often times lure your foes into traps that were originally intended to be your demise. It’s a bit tricky to plan, but when it works out it is quite effective at evening the odds.

Fight and crawl your way through the maze of traps enemies until you reach the Battery Pack you were looking for. It isn’t actually that far from the entrance area, and once you have it, keep moving through the rooms in search of its outlet. Once you pass what looks to be a giant wood chipper (oh God) and crawl under some filing cabinets you’ll spot the resting place nearby.

Good news is that the Battery Pack has opened the door that you couldn’t pass through before. Bad news? Well it just turned on all the horrible machines of death in the room you just left behind. The even worse news? There are two massive fish-hook head enemies blocking your way.

Start making your way back through the tiny house of horrors, using your Shotgun to dismantle the smaller creatures and your Explosive Bolt for the fish-hook twins. We should probably also note that these fish-hook brothers had about 3,000 Green Gel on them, so that’s probably worth picking up.

After you reach an iron gate, having made your way through the maze of horrors, grab the nearby crank and turn the wheel to open and pass through. Now pull the nearby level to get through a door a short distance ahead. This should deliver you to the somewhat problematic door that started this whole mess. Pull the lever to continue on.

No tricks to dodge here, simply sprint through the halls until you’re transported via a scripted event, then keep moving through the corridors until you pass into two giant double doors and find yourself staring at a chain link fence.

Remember the spider-lady boss fight? Well, we now know that thing has a name, Rebirth Laura, and it seems about six of them, even though we’re pretty sure there was just one last time, and one is waiting for you now. Don’t bother wasting your ammo, it doesn’t really seem our weapons are much use here. Instead disrupt the creature’s attacks while looking for a door or some other exit out of this nightmare.

Head down the stairs to find the path blocked, pulling the nearby level will open two iron gates close to your position, and you’re going to want to crawl under these as quickly as possible. Keep moving through the next few corridors and doorways until a short cut scene shows you narrowly escaping the beast’s grasp.

Tip: The next area is chock full of pipes with flames erupting from them. Look up to the roofs for levers that can activate the flames, and shoot the levers when enemy get close. This will cause flames to eject from the pipes and set the creature on fire, giving you more of a chance to find the way out.

Once you enter the flaming pipe area you’ll want to put rounds into the levers that control them. This will let you move forward, passing into a corridor and to a ladder blocked off by flames. Pull the nearby lever but before you can climb the ladder you’ll need to play dance central with the spider-lady for a few minutes. Lure her to one of the nearby pipes and blast her with the flames to buy yourself some time.

Climb the ladder, moving forward once you reach the top. Rebirth Laura will chase you, but you can shoot another overhead pipe to slow her down. Once she’s screaming in agony run forward and pull the giant lever that controls the fire blocking your path. If you need to turn around and shoot her a few times to slow her movements, although this isn’t a really effective use of your bullets.

Continue forward until you turn right and into a short corridor. Now shoot the overhead lever to make your way into the next area. Spider-lady is close behind, but by now you should know the steps to take to slow her down. Use the pipes to light her up and then search for the giant lever that will allow you into the next zone. Once you find it, make your way into the elevator to trigger a cut scene. Take a breath, no more Rebirth Laura for you.

Once you regain control you’ll be back in the foyer of Ruvik’s creepy mansion. Head through the main door on the first floor and make your way through the hallway until you trigger another cut scene. It’s a bit of a long one, so grab a drink and take a few deep breaths to calm your nerves before it ends. The next part is just as intense as the last… maybe even more so.

Once you’re back in command of ole Castellanos loot up and move through the parking structure until the boss fight begins. We made the mistake of letting it get its hands on us once… that was a big mistake.

Tip: Now is not a good time to mess around and stare at the details of the scenery around you. If you have the parts craft as many Explosive bolts as you can, and consider whipping out your Grenades. Bullets at this guy are like pebbles against Mount Everest. Make use of every high powered ammunition you have to end this fight in a massive hurry.

The boss fight arena is somewhat like a horseshoe. Job around it to avoid attacks from your enemy, and hide in the couple of rooms along the sides. Be careful when ducking into rooms though as the creature can reach you if you aren’t careful. Loot up as much as you can along the way and then do what we told you in our tip and blow this guy back to whatever hole he came from.

Once the monster is down make sure you grab any spare loot and climb aboard the elevator to trigger the chapter ending cut scene. Now take a breath.