Payday 2 getting John Wick tie-in content tomorrow

Overkill Software is continuing their Crimefest celebration for hitting 1.5 million in their Steam Community Group with even more free stuff for Payday 2 users. Today, the studio and publisher 505 Games have announced that the event will culminate with movie tie-in content for the upcoming film John Wick, offering a chance to play as the character himself.

John Wick will be added to Payday 2 as a free playable character with tomorrow's update. Unfortunately, he will come without any Keanu Reeves-isms. He will, however, come with a new perk system called Hitman that allows him such abilities as Akimbo, letting John Wick dual-wield weapons. He will also have his own pistol with custom modifications and a knife for melee fighting, as well as three different sets of sunglasses. He will not say "Whoa" as he puts them on.

As for more immediate and less movie-based goodies, today's Crimefest news offers more details a new mission that sees heisters attempting to escort Hoxton away from his courthouse hearing. There's also new information on the Fugitive's skill tree and the Criminal's perk deck, which should help users towards their goal of a free Hoxton!

For more, you can check out the Crimefest website and watch the most recent video below.

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