Far Cry 4 level design director talks co-op, elephants, and more

Far Cry 4 isn't just going to open the mountainous region of Kyrat for individuals to explore. Playing with friends is going to be a vital part of the experience, if Ubisoft is to be believed. To learn more about what co-op means to the latest entry to the Far Cry series, Shacknews spoke to level design director Mark Thompson.

"What we're bringing to Far Cry 4, as opposed to Far Cry 3, is really the co-op experience," Thompson told Shacknews. "This time around we really focused on bringing the co-op experience to the open world. So allowing you to invite a buddy... it's basically like going back in time to when you would invite a buddy to sit on your sofa, because you had a game that was so awesome that you just wanted to share it. And that's that kind of anecdotes and personal story from Far Cry's open world, you want to share that with smoeone, right? So we brought the idea of, 'What if you could bring a friend and you could goof around in the open world and share that with each other?'"

Thompson does note that while the open world is drop-in/drop-out, he does explain why this will not be the case with story missions. For more on Far Cry 4, including the driving, the buzzard, the shift in environments, and the wildlife, check out the full video below.

Far Cry 4 is set to release on November 18.

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