Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault gets first gameplay trailer

Relic has continued to get good mileage out of Company of Heroes 2, with the studio previously announcing the game's second standalone expansion called Ardennes Assault. Sega and Relic are now going into more detail on the latest chapter of the series and releasing the first gameplay trailer.

Ardennes Assault follows the Battle of the Bulge, allowing players to take control of the U.S. Allied Forces in a non-linear campaign. The expansion will also feature 18 new scenarios, as well as the new Airborne, Mechanized Infantry, and Support companies. Companies can also be customized with four abilities and up to six upgrades through the game's skill tree.

Sega is also offering some new pre-order incentives in the form of the Fox Company DLC. The Fox Company will come with their own unique missions and company reports, adding further outcome possibilities.

To check out more on Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault, you can check out the Steam listing. The standalone expansion will arrive on PC on November 18. Those looking to start up the base game can play through Company of Heroes 2 for free this weekend on Steam.

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