The Evil Within – Chapter 3: Claws of the Horde

Chapter 3: Claws of the Horde

Once you resume your adventure head out of the water and make your way along the dock and up the stairs. Take a moment and burn the corpses before continuing until you pass through a door and into a courtyard-like area.

The door you want to find is slightly to your right as you enter the area. Ignore the door with the hanging body, instead favoring the one right after that. Feel free to explore and loot up but once you’re ready make your way into the building and turn right into the next room. Follow the on-screen instructions to disable the Bomb trap and then make your way up the stairs.

Once you’re upstairs you’ll want to move around the room and through the only door on the other side. This will trigger a cut scene and once it ends you’ll be working with Dr. Marcelo Jimenez, trying to open the gate and follow Leslie.

Operate the crank when you’re instructed to and then head back into the room where you met the Doc and turn to your right. Kick open the door and loot up any surrounding rooms. We were attacked, which isn’t good, but in this case we ending up picking up a Grenade… not too bad of a trade-off.

Once you’re finished looting make your way down the nearby stairs and into the area you just watched the Doc acting like a maniac in. Although your objective is just ahead of you there are tons of loot you’ll want to pick up before progressing. Rather than try to give you explicit and complicated directions just explore the entire area to find the follow items.

The two buildings on the left have lots of generic loot such as Parts and Green Gel. The alley behind hold a chest with an Explosive Bolt. Just be careful not to step in the Bear Trap that guards it. If you move to the second building on your left and head to the top level you’ll find an Agony Crossbow, a very useful item if you want to take advantage of that Explosive Bolt you just found.

Crossing to the right side of the road you’ll find a large ladder leading up to a tree house. Head up there to find a Flash Bolt plus whatever other generic loot you find. Head back to ground level and into the only building on the right side. There are two levels in this building, each containing several creatures lurking around. Full exploring this area will give you more Green Gel and Parts as well as a Shotgun and a Harpoon Bolt.

Once you’re satisfied you have all the goodies make your way back to the gate. If you haven’t killed all the creatures around here, then go ahead and take care of that before nearing the gate again. This time Sebastian will comment that he needs a Chainsaw… Oh come on Sebastian. You really want us to…. Fine.

Head away from the gate and back into the building on the left, the one that looks like a barn. You’ll know you’re getting close when those horrible groans that ugly chainsaw psycho makes get louder. Keep moving towards the sound until he breaks through the wall and tries to fight you.

Now it’s time to run. The last thing you want to do is fight this guy in close-knit spaces. Rush outside, taking out any of his ugly goons once you reach the open areas outside. You should be able to take all the minions out pretty easily using your Handgun and hitting those nice sweet headshots. Once it’s just you and the big guy go for headshots with your Shotgun, switching it up to the Explosive Bolts from your Agony Crossbow as the fight progresses. Whenever he gets close to you, side step to dodge and run away again. Always engage him from a distance. Just keep repeating these steps until he falls to the ground and the Chainsaw is yours.

With your first boss taken down head forward and cut the chain to open the gate. As you go to move through a cut scene will trigger and bring this exciting chapter to an end.