The Evil Within – Chapter 2: Remnants

Chapter Two: Remnants

Once you regain control of Castellanos snag the Bodies Found newspaper article from the Krimson Post off the nearby table. Then grab the Green Gel directly to your left. You’ll find more of this gel in the toilet.

After being freed from the room you’ll want to follow the lady to the front desk. Do as she asks and sign in, which in turn will save your game. This is how you’ll manually save your game from now on.

Once you’ve signed in it’s time to head through hteh door on your right and take a seat in the chair. Follow the on-screen prompts to upgrade your skills using the Green Gel, and then endure a short cut scene that brings you to the site of the ambulance crash.

Move forward, picking up the Syringe to learn that it will help to restore your health if you ever need it. The game will also lead you through a short tutorial on accessing your inventory as well as using shortcuts.

Once you’re done with that make your way through the forest until the game gives you another tutorial, this time showing you how to use your melee attack. Use your new knowledge to smash the box nearby and grab the Green Gel from inside. Now continue until you pick up the Lantern and then a bit further to the edge of the cliff.

At the bottom of the cliff sneak toward Connelly, who is a bit preoccupied with something inside a tent. Snag the Handgun from the ground and follow the on-screen instructions to shoot your foe in the head. Be careful with your aim, as it will take at least three shots to take your target down.

Now head into the tent and melee the box in the corner to grab at least two bottles of Green Gel.

Continue forward from the tent and into the cave, following the instructions to equip your lantern. Take a look around and grab any Green Gel you spot before moving along the path until you find Leslie. This should kick off a short cut scene, and once it is over you’ll be taught how to disable traps.

Sprint through the cave until it emerges into a grassy area with a corpse. The game will show you how to burn bodies, and once the instructions are complete it’s time to burn this one. Once you’re ready head down the hill and into the shack on the left to find more Green Gel, the Journal of Sebastian Castellanos – November 2004 and a mirror that allows the player to travel between the two worlds, The Hotel and the darker story filled world. Go ahead and head back to the world with the front desk and upgrade your character before traveling back to the forest and continuing on your journey.

Exit the shack, turning left to continue down the hill. Follow the games instructions to complete your first Sneak Kill, and once your adversary is down enter the shack and climb out the window to tail Leslie further until you trigger another cut scene.

Once you have control again you’ll have two ugly foes that require your immediate attention. There is also a third foe lurking around the beat up building nearby. To get through this area you can just follow the shore, using a bottle to distract your enemies while you carry on. If you want to explore, however, you’ll need to take out the three enemies and then loot the nearby building to discover the Lakeside Town note from the rubble.

Continue along the shore until you see the cart ahead. There are at least two uglies in the area, luckily there are a few bottles lying around as well. Distract your enemies, or fight them – that’s up to you. Either way when you’re done move forward, keeping to the right where another foe is hanging out. Just stealth kill this enemy so it won’t be an issue later on.

As you try to pass by the building on its right side you’ll probably notice several Bear Traps. These can be dismantled like other traps, but they are also a useful way of using the environment to your advantage to limit the number of directions your enemies can attack you from. This time we suggest neutralizing them, but be aware of the several enemies that await you ahead and just to the left. Cautiously make your way forward and to a gate up ahead, following the on-screen prompts to pass through to the other side once you arrive.

While the map does allow for a bit of exploration, for the most part it is quite linear. If you become lost at any time simply move towards torches or fire, as they will typically point you in the right direction. Use these items for guidance and enter the nearby shack after stealth killing the enemy standing next to the fire in front. This will prompt an entire hoard of creatures to chase you, so hang a tight left and pass over the stone bridge to the gate on the other side. Reaching this gate will trigger a final cut scene and end the chapter.