WWE SuperCard 1.1 update adds two new game modes

If you check around Chatty circles, you might notice that an unlikely game has grabbed a chunk of their attention. 2K's free-to-play iOS card game/time eater, WWE SuperCard, has become an unlikely hit, with over three million downloads in less than a month. Fresh off this success, 2K is now adding some new content in a free update.

The new People's Champion Challenge mode will last a week and see users selecting between two WWE Superstars in a match that corresponds a live event, such as the upcoming Night of Champions. Selecting the winner will earn the user points, which can then be exchanged for greater rewards.

The Ladder mode will see players earning victories to climb to the top of the ladder, with greater rewards offered for higher rungs. Those rewards include rare varieties of John Cena and Paige, two of the stronger characters in the game.

For those actually looking to blow real money on this, 2K will now begin offering Ultra Rare Card Packs for $9.99. This is the highest tier of rare card in the game and can often result in an instant win, even against Super Rare cards. Pay to win, indeed.

WWE SuperCard is available now on the App Store.