Romero Interview

By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 20, 2000 5:10am PDT

Gamespy has a 20 question interview with The Romero. They discuss his passion for games, most enjoyable part of the job, his best project so far, and a whole lot more.

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  • John Romero: "The only thing I don't enjoy is the negativity of the gaming community and the fact that the magazines pander to that audience instead of being a shining beacon of positivity--we are making GAMES for entertainment, something that is an optional purchase. Even games that everyone likes gets ripped down online and in the press. No game is safe."

    Yes, but games everyone likes aren't ripped down so universally as Daikatana was. I'm sure there was the odd retard that badmouthed Half-Life. I bet HL got > 90% highly positive reviews though. How many positive reviews of Daikatana? I think I saw one on, which if I remember right didn't actually praise the game, but asked gamers to think before jumping on the "I hate Daikatana" bandwagon.

    What's this "shining beacon of positivity" amid a sea of negativity crap? The gaming community isn't negative. They are just conscious of spending $40 on a shitty game, and $2000 on a computer to play that game. Consequently, the ass games get ripped on publically. Sorry, The Romero.