Dragon Age: Inquisition producer discusses the War Table and more

Though it may need a few more weeks in the oven, Dragon Age Inquisition is still lining up to be everything fans of the series are hoping for. EA and BioWare went to Gamescom in August to reveal some new gameplay footage to a captive audience and Shacknews had a chance to find out some more about it.

"We're showing a brand new demo," said BioWare producer Cameron Lee. "In the Fallow Mire, which is this swampy, dark, creepy kind of location that you can go and explore. You go through there and there's some undead that have been raised. And there are some barbarians that have captured your Inquisition soldiers and you need to go in there and rescue them. We've also got some more information about the 'War Table,' which is how you control your Inquisition forces and scouts throughout the world and how much power that gives you as the leader in the game. And finally, we're showing some more details about the villain. We're starting to tease a little bit about who is this person that's causing all this chaos and destruction of the world and who you're trying to find and uncover the truth."

For more information about the War Table feature, what next-gen consoles mean for the Dragon Age series, and how Inquisition pushes the RPG genre forward, be sure to check out the full interview below. Dragon Age: Inquisition will hit PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on November 18.