Wargame: Red Dragon launches the Second Korean War

Wargame Red Dragon is getting a second round of free DLC, courtesy of publisher Focus Home Interactive. Following its Millionth Mile DLC, the next add-on will add some additional units, as well as a whole new campaign.

The Second Korean War DLC will see the United Nations confronted by the unified threat of China, North Korea, and the Soviet Union in an alternate history narrative. The coalition is formed after Mikhail Gorbachev is ousted by a military coup, with the Korean peninsula becoming the battlefield in the renewed war against Communism.

The DLC will also throw in 12 new units, such as the Chinese JH-7, the South Korean K9-Thunder, the Soviet Spetsnaz GRU infantry units, and the U.S. Patriot missile system.

To celebrate the Second Korean War's arrival, Wargame Red Dragon will go for $19.99 on Steam until this Thursday. For an extra penny, you can grab the rest of the Wargame franchise, too.